New Canvas: The weekends

The weekends is a human-interestreeks with Joris Hessels about nine people who have a crucial year ahead of us and that are in the picture.

It comes to people who are willy nilly the choice to make their life a different direction or to send that forced the wire back. Nine different life stories that are often far apart, but unexpectedly, sometimes very similar. Arranged the nine a weekend together to listen to each other and to each other’s images to look.

Joris Hessels, known from Radio Gaga, is host, a listening ear, a partner of the route, and friend. The weekends is a story about group dynamics, solidarity, and about the unpredictability of life.

And the spectators are the privileged witnesses. Two episodes per week, that each time, the report of a single weekend. A total of 14 episodes. On Wednesdays and Fridays at 21.20 you., from Wednesday 12 december. On VRT NOW be two episodes each on Wednesday offered.

In The weekends meet Joris Hessels nine people who consider themselves one-year long filming, during their important year 2018. In the course of that year, they settled together on the weekend. On the quiet, secluded domain of wine castle Haksberg in Tielt-Winge, they have to take the time to go to each other’s story, to listen to each other’s images to look at, and each other’s good and bad news to tell you. As they look back on the past period of time, they learn each other better and better know.

Nine very different people
2018 is for all participants of The weekends is a key year, a new twist. It is a turning point of which they are themselves the engine, or to which they are forced by events. The weekends consists of a series of sensitive portraits and candid testimonies: such as that of a young Brussels-based hiphopper, a bioboerin, a transgender, a Syrian refugee or a jongparkinson-patient.

Joris Hessels
Joris Hessels (38) is an actor and tv-maker, and known from Radio Gaga. 2018 is also for him an extraordinary year, because he teaches nine special people know. Nine people with whom he regularly on weekends. He listens to their stories, watching their self-made images, share joys and sorrows with them. One year long. A year in which firm friendships are forged, lifelong.

The location
The domain Haksberg in Tielt-Winge is quietly located, far away from the civilized and compassionate world. It is an estate with twenty hectares of forest and park in the Hageland. With its slow ripening grapes, the vineyard is a symbol for the passing of the seasons. The participants find an oasis of peace and quiet and everything you need for a soothing weekend. The group sessions take place on the wijnterras of the domain, near the manor house.

The pictures
The nine participants each have a small camera given to you throughout the entire year 2018 their own life in the picture. That way of working guarantees a highly personal and intimate approach, with a far-reaching freedom and independence of programme makers.

That intimate approach is also back during group discussions. The participants sit together to be at each other’s stories and listening to each other’s images to look. The registration thereof is done with eight unmanned, computer-controlled, high-quality cameras. In the absence of the cameramen or other technicians to talk to the participants in a frank and forget them in a hurry, the presence of cameras. The unique soft – and hardware that is used during the groepgesprekken, was developed by Azilpix, a spinoff of the Expertise centre for Digital Media of hasselt university. By the digital capabilities of this system, the images can afterwards be easily corrected, geherkadreerd and edited.

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