Monique let death dog Dunya ’live in kinderhartjes’

“Finally, I can tell that I’m working on a book makes children more aware about my dearest hondenziel Dunya,” writes the friend of André Hazes Wednesday night on Instagram. “I still indescribably much sadness for her loss and wanted to do something with it. Process by to share. Our story, our lives close on paper, with beautiful drawings in there.”

With the booklet, Monique children explain what happens when a pet dies. “How do you explain to your child that a dog is ill or old? How do you explain that he/she go to heaven? But also, how do you bring about that a dog is family and you good for?”

In may had to the blonde saying goodbye to her dog Dunya, they 14,5 years of age. The dog had a tumor in her head and struggled with the muscle-dysfunction. She still has a lot of sadness. “Dunya was my girl, my world, and she deserves to by living in the hearts of children.”

The past few weeks has Monique together with a friend, a beginning is made with writing. The book should be coming out early next year. The proceeds will go partly to charity for animals.

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