Mitsubishi should be forced laborers compensate

SEOUL – The South Korean supreme court has the Japanese company Mitsubishi Heavy Industries ordered to pay compensation to former Korean forced laborers. They had during the Second world War without payment to work in the factories of the company, reports the South Korean news agency Yonhap.

Kim Sung-joo, one of the forced laborers.

The Koreans worked in 1944 in a munitions and aircraft factory. Four women have according to the court, is entitled to a compensation of 100 to 120 million won (78.000 to over 94,000 euros), six former forced laborers to 80 million won.

Japan has angrily responded to the ruling, which according to minister Taro Kono (Foreign Affairs) completely unacceptable. He speaks according to the Japanese broadcaster NHK about a violation of a treaty from 1965 that Japan and former colony South Korea, their relationship normalized. The Korean peninsula between 1910 and 1945 in Japanese hands.

Kono wants South Korea to take measures, otherwise, considering his country’s transition to an international court. The South Korean ministry of Foreign Affairs says regrettable that Japan’s “excessive” reaction and calling for restraint.

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