Minister Slovakia get angry after a rejection Marrakesh pact

BRATISLAVA – The Slovak minister of Foreign Affairs is Thursday night angry left. The partijloze Miroslav Lajcak decided to resign to serve in protest against the rejection of the controversial migratiepact of the united nations next month in Marrakesh will take. The parliament in Bratislava voted there by a vast majority against.

The parliament in Bratislava voted, with dismay, Miroslav Lajcak, with the vast majority at the Marrakesh pact.

Also the Slovak government sees nothing in the global convention for the safe and regulated migration. “Because it is in this form not in accordance with the security and migration policy of the Slovak republic”, was the explanation of the coalition consisting of the social democrats and the right-populists. Of the 150 members of parliament voted ninety against the pact, only fifteen were for.

The UN agreement for the reception of refugees and migrants more control, although not legally binding, for a lot of discussion. Including the USA, Hungary, Austria, Czech republic and Switzerland do not want to participate. Germany went on Thursday, however, agree, the Netherlands are considering to do the same.

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