Messi knew not of record, but there is quite happy with that

Lionel Messi lays on for the 1-0.


The Argentinian signed in the won the away game against PSV (1-2) for his 106e goal in the Champions League on behalf of FC Barcelona.

No player has scored more for one club in the main European cup tournament. Cristiano Ronaldo is indeed with 121 hits, the top scorer of all time in the Champions League, but he distributed those goals to Manchester United (15), Real Madrid (105) and Juventus (1).

Messi opened after an hour the score was delivered ten minutes later, the assist at the hit of Gerard Piqué, was that, according to Messi not meant so. “My free-kick failed, but fortunately Gerard in exactly the right place to have to make. It was not as agreed.”

“Our goal was first to be in this difficult group. That is now accomplished.”

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