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“Max Verstappen must each race to take risks for a stage”

Jos Verstappen says that Max nowadays, more with his head racing than before but also that it is almost impossible to be without risks to take a stage to score.

“I notice that Max more with his head, driving and less to take risks,” says Jos Verstappen for the Netherlands ‘Ziggo.’ “But, speed is too short, therefore he needs every race to take risks on stage to get. Max was Sunday forced to make a number of maneuvers to do to get the third place.”

Verstappen senior also noted that for Lewis Hamilton, making it easier to race is because he has a faster car has, and from pole position to leave.

“If you like the pole may start you don’t have so much risks to take. Then it is easy to say that you are a better rider, he sure has the best car.”

In Brazil saw Verstappen an almost certain victory by the nose drilled by a collision with the gedubbelde Esteban Ocon. A bad start of the Dutch last Sunday, both fighting cocks each other again in are catching up, this time without the chunks.

“His actions were risky but also very good,” Jos continues. “He must always be in a place where no one is expected to do and that is actually all throughout the year are a problem.”

Max Verstappen had in 2018 a difficult seizoensbegin but he knew taking himself in hand and scored two victories and was a regular customer at the stage.

“In the beginning of the season everything went bad. A few of the actions that he did turned not as he wanted and the press has burned him.”

“But Max was never so motivated and well prepared as this year. America was good, just like Russia. Austria was very good and very important. Mexico was good, and in Brazil and Abu Dhabi he did also not bad.”

“You see that he learned a lot and that he almost every race I did.”

The only thing that might be a bit of a shadow over that performance sheds was the incident with Ocon after the race in Brazil. This wait Verstappen also a community service of two days.

“I’m certainly not for pole,” did Max already know. “I find that they have been tough for me, then they must also but something appropriate.”

“I think that tea should go up for Jean Todt,” joked Red Bull team boss Christian Horner.

During the press conference after the race came to a funny moment when Verstappen stated that he was glad he did not go to the “FIA award gala” had to go because he was the third place in the championship was lost.

“If I can be counted as one day of my community service if I want to go,” said Verstappen with a touch.

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