Man is playing ‘Hells Bells’ of AC/DC on a carillon

4e78b2749a2d05993ab051f62e64eea6 - Man is playing 'Hells Bells' of AC/DC on a carillon

The heavy song by AC/DC begins with the sounds of an ominous bell. Now let a talented carilloneur ‘Hells Bells’ on a… to the carillon play.

It happened in the Red Tower in the German city of Halle on the largest carillon of Europe and the third largest in the world, as reported the website today. The talented carillonneur David Drambyan used his fists and feet to the 76 bells with a total weight of nearly 55 tons in motion for the 1980 hit ‘Hells Bells’.

More could not, one would think. But, as suggests in English is a carillon a “carillion” and that rhymes with Marillion, the progressive rock band including the classic ‘Kayleigh’ delivered.

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