Klopp: ’it Seems now as if we bunch of butchers’

PSG midfielder Angel Di Maria lies injured on the field.

“The match was called 5000 times to shut down. They lay still on the ground, and that frustrated my boys. You may be smart to call from PSG, but the referee let it all happen. How many yellow cards we have not had, six? That is ridiculous.

Klopp: “In England, we are two or three times the most athletic team, but now it seemed like we’re a bunch of butchers. At PSG had Marco Verratti red need to get. But I do not want a bad loser seem and go in there but not too much to say about it.

Liverpool, with Virgil van Dijk and Georginio Wijnaldum in the ranks, joined PSG 2-1 down.

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