King Albert II will not go to hospital

King Albert II will not go to the hospital for his DNA, in that message, the newspaper Le Soir. Both king Albert II, Delphine Boël, according to The Newspaper a notice given to itself the following week to report in the Brussels erasmus hospital.

On 5 november, the court of appeal in Brussels that Jacques Boël is not the biological father of Delphine Boël. To be sure that Albert II is her father, has the court the king ordered to have a DNA test to undergo.

According to The Newspaper, would Delphine Boël, her mother Sybille de Selys Longchamps and Albert II, the invitation have got to be next week already in the Brussels hospital to report. The first two will accept the invitation to enter. Le Soir confirms that king Albert II does not intend to do the same. He has until February, the time of the decision of the court of appeal to fight and cassation petition.

“Delphine expected that Albert earlier to the court of Cassation will attract,” says a source close to Boël to The Newspaper. “She feels that the king take the thing tries to stretch – cru said – to his death.”

According to the newspaper, the king is still another option: the deadline and notice ignore, and no DNA-steel yielding. In that case, it would be the court that can interpret as an implicit admission of guilt.

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