King Albert II is not called upon to report in hospital

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King Albert II has no notice been given to itself the following week to report in the Brussels erasmus hospital for a DNA test. That has his lawyer let you know after messages in the media. Master Alain Berenboom to let you know that the prince was first a lawyer at the Court of Cassation will consult before he received a decision.

According to The Newspaper, would Delphine Boël, her mother Sybille de Selys Longchamps and Albert II, the invitation have got to be next week already in the Brussels hospital to report. Le Soir reported today that the frost is not on the invitation will go down.

To Belga let his counselor know that “the king is not called upon for a DNA test.” “But maybe mrs. Boël decided to following week before to make an appointment?”, suggests Berenboom.

On 5 november, the court of appeal in Brussels that Jacques Boël is not the biological father of Delphine Boël. To be sure that Albert II is her father, has the court the king ordered to have a DNA test to undergo. He has until February, the time of the decision of the court of appeal to fight and cassation petition.

His lawyer stressed that, Albert II, still waiting on the advice of an attorney of the Court of Cassation before he decision whether or not to lodge an appeal in cassation, and whether he will submit to a DNA test.

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