Jon Bon Jovi makes the best rosé

Magazine Wine Spectator makes every year a list of the hundred best wines. Hampton Water, the wine that Jon earlier this year with his 23-year-old son, Jesse put on the market, emerged as the best rosé.

The wine of the Bon Jovi frontman had been not too a lot competition in the top 100 were but two rosés, and the other was lower than the 83rd place in which the wine of Jon and Jesse ended up. The proud singer calls the mention of the wine in the top 100 in a statement, “a reward for all our hard work”.


In an earlier interview with W Magazine stated Jesse, who along with a friend full time to the winery works, that he realizes that a large part of the success of Hampton Water to his father to thank. “If I just was a guy that a rosémerk was started, then we would’t be here. My father’s involvement has me very many opportunities.”

The famous name of his pa makes sometimes for some disappointment on business appointments, gave Jesse. “Everyone thinks that the Jon Bon Jovi-rosé. And if I, for example, a booze shop go in for an appointment, they immediately wonder why my father is not there.”

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