Johan Vlemmix, with life-size doll to court

Johan Vlemmix

“I don’t know if it is allowed,” says Johan about the life-size 3d pop against the ANP. “I haven’t submitted as one.” Also it has the province of entrepreneur already have a solution figured out. “Then I leave the pop in the car and I take only the head in a bag. I hope that in the courtroom on the desk.”

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Johan came early this year with the idea to make dolls of famous people. Patricia Mine would be the first to have a plastic look-alike would get. The diva felt, however, nothing from China from image and stepped to the right to avoid her like sekspoppen on the market. Mine is claiming damages of 30.000 euro from Johan.

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His counterclaim of 200,000 euros – “because I my case I need memory” – has Vlemmix now withdrawn. The records, which previously indicated that he better check with Patricia was able to produce before he took his ideas to the world made, has full confidence in a good outcome of the case. “It would be really strange if I was the first in the world to be convicted on the basis of a fantasy, because it has never been. It was only an idea.”

The new lawyer Patricia Mine was not reachable for comment.

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