Johan Derksen flooded with poignant coming-outverhalen

Johan Derksen

The voetbalanalist responded last week in the tv program on a letter that two gay football supporters on the BOARD had directed, to ask attention for the ’gay-unfriendly’ atmosphere in the football stadiums. Derksen showed understanding for the action, but also suggested that gays and lesbians endure it. “You’re not immediately homophobic as a joke. We are really a little bit of tripping in this country.”

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After from the country of criticism was created to the statements of Derksen, was the topic again at the table discussed. “I’m not crazy by two hysterical, young homootjes? More it is not. Two kids who have a letter to the KNVB to send, which we then take a few jokes. They should have big boys,” says the former editor-in-chief of Voetbal International.

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Out of the closet

Also when presenter Wilfred Genee said that he could not imagine that the two letter writers have difficulty with the statements of Derksen, he responded: “We simply must agree to stop pretending that it is so terribly difficult to get out of that closet. If you have a bit of character, then you’ll just for off. It is not that gays are canonized, that no jokes can be made. That selective outrage begins to me my throat to hang out.”

And especially note that the ’not so terribly difficult to come out of the closet, which resulted in the hashtag #SorryJohan in life is called. Dozens of lgbt people tell on Twitter how much trouble their coming-out to them has cost, including the intolerance and bullying that come to look. So says Mats Bergman: “#SorryJohan, that I years, was beaten in the classroom, yelled at and word. I should explain that I’m just as male as my companion. I joined the Club my man can’t kiss, because we are afraid that we should be stronger than the rest, but that is not always the can. Sorry.”


The hashtag calls for a lot of people emotion. “Speechless if I #SorryJohan read, write twitterer Linsey. “According to me is the only one for which we in this world ‘we are sorry’ to say, the fact that coming out of the closet at all, while you, as a heterosexual, never have to answer for the love you feel. Love is love, and so be it.” Also the Labour party leader Lodewijk Asscher says, deeply moved by all the stories. “Sad after reading #SorryJohan – so much pain. To whom you love. You deserve support instead of ridicule.”

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