Hashtagbedenker: Pronunciation, Derksen hurts upwelling’

Johan Derksen

According to Derksen should gays stop pretending that it is so difficult to get out of the closet. And that shoot with Young going down the wrong way. “The pain of the past bubbles because of this ruling. The feeling of loneliness and vulnerability that young people then have had or have now, is in this way nullified.”

Young spread Tuesday night a cynical tweet in which he allegedly sorry to say Derksen for the fact that this happened to. Therefore, at this time, the hashtag #SorryJohan viral on Twitter. “I smile itself really is sometimes to joke and have a breeze of self-mockery,” says Young. “But I think the blame that a heteroman of seventy years old is going to tell that it is bad to be on the same gender to fall.”

The letter writer says that Johan Derksen is not in the group where the message is intended. “It is addressed to the people who are aware want to be free from this problem. Derksen goes for the ratings on the backs of vulnerable young people and I think that is evil. He wants to own not talking to me.”

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