Groenendijk: ’We can do it Ajax is hard to make’

Alfons, Fons Groenendijk

Last year held ADO a point to visit Amsterdam. “I got that year, said that there everywhere what was for us,” recalls Groenendijk back on the club. “There was some laughter, but it was still 0-0.”

“About the difference in quality we do not have to be difficult to do, but for us, this is a nice challenge. We are going to our skin as expensive as possible to sell. That we they are difficult to make, we have last year two times. We need to be ready for it. I have all the confidence in the guys working hard.”

Robert Zwinkels

Goalkeeper Robert Zwinkels last year was the luminary in ADO. “I could make myself when to really stand out,” said the jeugdexponent of Ajax. “I knew a couple of good saves to make.”

Zwinkels recently again first goalkeeper in The Hague. Indy Groothuizen after some lesser performances to settle with a development this year and wanting. “It’s still a bit inconsistent, but I feel good,” says Zwinkels. “It’s nice to get back to goalkeeping. I try to give each match our all.”

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