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Good news for Planckaert and Van der Schueren: also zeventigplussers allowed behind the wheel continue

The cycling federation has its regulations adapted on the age limit for drivers of cars in the race. Now may also zeventigplussers behind the wheel of the truck seat. And that is good news for Walter Planckaert (70) and Hilaire Van der Schueren (70), respectively, team leader at Sport Vlaanderen Baloise and Wanty Groupe Gobert.

By the existing regulations were persons of seventy years of age or older, no license more as a director. So both Walter Planckaert as Hilaire Van der Schueren next season, not at the wheel of the team car would be allowed to take a seat. This regulation is now defunct, according to the KBWB in a communiqué. “So is origin, made with the age limit of 70 years for directors of a vehicle in the race in a course on the national or international calendar (exception is made for the first openingsvoertuig, the sluitingsvoertuig and the vehicles of police and emergency services). That measure is replaced by the introduction of a certificate of ability. That certificate must accompany the licence application is to be sent.”

“This measure will take effect from 2019 and applies for all sports directors, and sports directors of UCI teams and clubploegen, also for those who for the first time to apply for a permit. New team managers are also subject to a theoretical test and a mandatory internship. During that ‘run-in time’, they get the opportunity often unexpected movements in the caravan to learn, under the guidance of a person with experience in the matter.”

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