Germany accepted migratiepact ’Marrakesh’

BERLIN – The German Bundestag has approved the UN-migratiepact and see there’s nothing in the existing law in Germany undermines or changes. Especially the right-populist Alternative für Deutschland (AfD) turned fiercely against the proposal because the country is therefore the control over its own immigration policy would lose.

The German minister of Foreign Affairs, Heiko Maas, will find it no problem to migratiepact to sign.

After the debate, voted Thursday 372 parliamentarians for the pact, 153 voted against it and 141 abstained from voting. The social democratic minister of Foreign Affairs, Heiko Maas, stressed that the international agreement is especially the illegal migration will reduce and there in Germany, according to him, will benefit from this.

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It goes according to Maas to a series of agreements that in any way the sovereignty affects. That is the entire debate, alas, often concealed, complained to the minister. According to observers, it goes to an international letter of intent on a summit in Marrakech on 10 and 11 december must be assumed. In many countries with illegal immigration camps, including Belgium and the Netherlands, it leads to discussions.

Critics of the treaty argue that the long-term legal can be exploited by migrants.

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