Georgia gets first female president

Georgia will, for the first time a female president. The former minister of Foreign Affairs, Salome Zurabishvili, has the election won, confirms the national election commission in the night from Wednesday to Thursday.

The 66-year-old Zurabishili, a noted French diplomate, down to the second vote-off 59,6% of the votes. Her rival Grigol Vashadze had to make do with up to 40.4 percent.

‘The country has a fundamental choice made today”, said the new president on the television. “We are all, finally, and clearly, no said against the past.”

Zurabishvili came on as an independent, but is supported by ruling party ‘Georgian Dream’. She wants closer relations with both Russia and with the European Union. Zurabishvili also said to want to talk to her domestic political opponents. In the middle of december it acts in function.

It was Wednesday the last time the Georgians directly a president could choose, because the former soviet republic will switch to a parliamentary system where the parliament, the president shall designate. The presidency is a symbolic function, the election was seen mainly as a taster for those of 2020.

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