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FMA allows for the first Time, trading in securities on Token-base – Coin Hero

FMA allows for the first Time, trading in securities on Token-base

Home News FMA allows for the first Time, trading in securities on Token-base

Matthias Nemack –

Many industry experts believe that the Blockchain will affect in the coming years more and more of the classic trading in securities and change. The FMA of Austria approves, for the first time a securities issue on a Blockchain-based.

Startup wants to provide investors with security and voice

The company hydro-miner IT-Services GmbH, based in Vienna, can look forward to. Because the company received by the financial market authority of Austria in this week’s green light for a prospectus to the capital market. It includes securities that at the time of issue, the Blockchain will serve as a basis. The papers are to be issued on a “tokenized” as it is called in the media messages. Within the EU, the reports, there was, as yet, no comparable case in which it comes to the Deposit of a Security Token, including the regulation for the protection of the Emission. The volume of securities could be up to a Maximum of 75 million Euro.

Blockchain allows you to Start the new Token

Has been developed for the under the so-called H3O-Token to be found in the framework of ICOs on the way to the market and how the Bitcoin or Litecoin on the Blockchain will be based, as it is called by the accompanying international firm Stadler peoples currently catch. In the case of hydro miners is a Startup company. Interested investors come in the next ICO in the enjoyment of a Quasi-equality with shareholders of the classic value of paper-shops. Unlike many allegedly dubious market Token of this kind of launches in which serves, in this case, of the Security as of the securities laws. Financial Background: the hydro-miner wants to spend on so-called “qualified subordinated profit participation rights”.

The provider focuses on “green” Mining

The company is in the area of “Green Mining,” and want to mine Bitcoins and other currencies, environmentally friendly and sustainable. Who is involved in the ICO on companies, has not only economic demands, but is also involved in decisions of the company, which is quite a contrast to many of the stock variants on the market. As Blockchain technology has the H3O Token, the System Ethereum by the provider for transaction-processing to obtain the “Supplement”. The Token comes as a key – holder can make to the organization to identify, at the same time, but his rights. As the issue date, the company announced the 01.02.19, can invest only in Austrian and German investors.

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