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Five allegations against filmmaker Luc Besson

Five women come up with new allegations of sexually inappropriate behavior against the French filmmaker Luc Besson. Therefore, the number of complaints already on nine.

According to the French newsmagazine Mediapart is a former model, a student of the film academy and an assistant.

In all cases, the ‘inappropriate and repeated behaviour of Besson compared to very young women.”

The former student says that she is during her work with Besson, inadvertently, kissed and hugged. She is, according to Mediapart , the only woman of the five who with the police talking. Another woman says that Besson her to have sex forced when she was his assistant.

The first indictment came in may, when a 27-year-old actress said drugged and raped by the filmmaker. “In two years time I am multiple times by him raped’, testified actress Sand Van Roy. ‘I Had it taken out, my career’s over.’

The Hasselt learned the director know via her role in his film of Valerian. Last month, the director questioned about the case.

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