Filipino agents convicted of murder

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MANILA – Three police officers in the Philippines by a court and sentenced to prison terms of up to 40 years for murder and 17-year-old student. The court considered proven that the agents of the victim and deliberately to life in an alley in the capital city of Manila.

,,With an attitude of ‘shoot First and only then think’ does not fit in a civilized country. Murder and manslaughter do not belong to the tasks of law enforcement. The public policy is not served with loss of life,” said judge Roldolfo Azucena for his comments on the ruling.

The police rejects invariably the accusations that the murders are executions. the defence of the agents is usually that the are going to drug dealers and users who were killed in the shootings. The agents in self-defense and have acted.

It is the first time since the inauguration of president Rodrigo Duterte that agents be condemned for the death of drug dealers or users. After he in 2016 came to power, he began a bloody witch hunt on anything to do with drugs. Not only soldiers and police came into action, because hundreds of drug dealers and users were also by citizens shot.

The president has his countrymen on several occasions encouraged to willfully drug dealers to kill. In Duterte’s self-proclaimed drug war are already 5000 deaths.

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