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Famous photograph of Vincent van Gogh shows his brother

A picture that always was thought that Vincent van Gogh was portrayed, appears not to be of the artist. Research has shown that it is on the picture, from around 1866 to his younger brother Theo must go, says the Van Gogh Museum.

One illusion less for the museum, because there were only two photographs of the artist (1853-1890) is known. Van Gogh did not like to be photographed: he called it a “dead medium” in one of his letters, says a researcher at the museum, Teio Meedendorp.

Now, there is one portrait of him, created in nineteen-year-old age.

The photo of the, as it was supposed to be, thirteen year old Vincent was discovered in 1957 in an exhibition in Essen, germany. The Belgian Van Gogh-researcher Mark Edo Tralbaut thought at the time that the famous painter went. The portrait then appeared in thousands of publications.

There were already questions with the idea that the photo on the left is indeed the portrait of Vincent van Gogh. The photographer, Balduin Schwarz, had only in 1870 his studio opened in Brussels. Vincent van Gogh was only 17 years old while the boy on the photo is clearly younger.

Brother Theo was living in 1873 in Brussels and he was there at that time, indeed make a picture. He wrote about it in a letter, pictures to create was something uitzonderlijkers than it is today. Furthermore, the eyes are on the Brussels picture is clearly the same eyes as that on the photo on the right. In addition, Theo had a bigger forehead than his brother, and the foreheads on both of the photos above are similar.

Eventually, the Van Gogh museum is also a forensic institute on the matter. There compared two specialists, the photos of Vincent and Theo, and they came to a similar conclusion: ‘high probability’ the little boy left indeed Theo van Gogh, not Vincent.

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