Ex-lawyer of Trump calls again guilty of lying

Michael Cohen, a former personal lawyer of the American president Donald Trump, has Thursday, for a court to be guilty pleaded to lie opposite the Congress. That report American media.

Cohen admits that he lied towards the American Congress on a vastgoeddeal of Trump in Moscow in the run-up to the American presidential election of 2016. He says he has a wrong picture of the negotiations on the development project and the extent to which there was contact with the Kremlin. Cohen says lied have out of loyalty for Trump, but now wants ‘his family and country’ will take precedence and, therefore, has a preliminary deal with special prosecutor Robert Mueller. His team is investigating whether the campaign team of Trump with Moscow, has worked together and whether there is Russian interference in the ballot.
Earlier in the day has Trump on Twitter again heavy out at the research of Robert Mueller. The president denies that he is on a project worked in Moscow. According to Trump, is Cohen a weak person that lies to a lower penalty.
In August, Cohen all that he is the rules for campaign funding had been violated, and tax fraud and bankfraude had committed. The ruling in the lawsuit over that earlier confession follows about two weeks.

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