Eindejaarsprijzen: ‘Green Book’, and Lady Gaga bite spits af

1343ec1509762c8e543384160ecd39b6 - Eindejaarsprijzen: 'Green Book', and Lady Gaga bite spits af

It is not yet december, but in the united states is the eindejaarsprijzenregen in the world of film has already started. The renowned filmverband National Board of Review bite the ball rolling with the awards for, among other things, the film ‘Green Book’, actor Viggo Mortensen and debuting actress Lady Gaga.

‘Green Book’, a biopic about a black jazz star in the 60s on tour in the south of the US in the company of a white chauffeur-cum-bodyguard, was named best film. For his role as himself, not from any racism weaned driver was Viggo Mortensen awarded the acteursprijs. Lady Gaga won the battle between the actresses for her role as an emerging talent that falls in love with an alcohol addict, waning countryster in the umpteenth remake of “A Star is Born’. That movie fell twice in the awards: for the director (Bradley Cooper) and the male supporting role (Sam Elliott).

To those who have until 8 January to wait for their prize, also belongs Pawel Pawlikowski. The Polish-British director won the prize for the best non-English film with its black-and-white print of ‘Cold War’, a film amazing love drama inspired in the years 50 playing.

The National Board of Review, an association of filmhistorici, film-makers and film-makers, has been around since 1929 prices. Last year, award winning it Steven spielberg’s political thriller ‘The Post’ as best film. ‘The Post was twice for the Oscars to be nominated, but returned with empty hands from the gala back.

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