Drama: Family ends with an unexpected murder

A completely unexpected season finale: there seemed to be the Family episode tonight. The viewers were on a normal sat night a cliffhanger vanjewelste to see. And that cliffhanger revolves entirely around Evy (Marianne Devriese) and a crazy Marie (Lien Van de Kelder).

In Family bites Evy is already a while in the investigation of the stabbing on Amélie (Erika Van Tielen). She is determined the truth to light and to bring the offender to trial. In reference to Lars (Kürt Rogiers), for Evy, her arrows, the last days on Marie. They went there in the past, not for back to her own mother – that her neglected to kill. For Lars and Evy enough clues to get Marie to suspect of the attack on Amélie. By the fault in the shoes of Véronique to slide, she would have her liefdesrivale indeed, the final checkmate.

In the episode of Thursday, a confrontation between Evy and Marie, however, are completely out of hand. When Evy indicates that Marie not a good mother can have for her unborn child, save the stop by. In a sudden outburst of anger choked Marie Evy in the seat. She remains lifeless, with eyes wide widened – behind…

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