Dirty God by Sacha Polak premiered at Sundance

Sacha Polak

Dirty God is screened in the World Cinema Dramatic Competition of the greatest American film festival for the independent film that annually takes place in Park City in the U.s. state of Utah. It is the first English-language film from director Polak, who had previously made the critically acclaimed films Zurich and Heavens. With that last she won several awards, including an award at the Festival of Berlin.

Polaks third film tells the story about the young mother, Jade (played by the debutant Vicky Knight), that her life should see to pick up after a zoutzuuraanval where they big scars to show for it. The film is this year recorded in London, Amsterdam and Morocco.

Life after zoutzuuraanval

Sacha Polak: in “Dirty God is about a young mother that loses itself after a terrible accident, but that in the search for her new identity, learns to accept. A strong woman. What stayed with me is of all the women I spoke to who have been burned, is that they were forced to find a way to make their new appearance to accept. Any way they also have chosen and how they have done (or not); it was their way. And what the universal is, is that it is for all of us, a challenge is to be confronted with feelings of outer beauty versus inner dignity. A challenge for every woman in the world.”

The Sundance Film Festival takes place from 24 January to 3 February. Cinéart will film in 2019 in the Dutch cinema release.

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