D66-minister Van Engelshoven participates in #SorryJohan

Minister of Education and science, Ingrid van Engelshoven (D66)

“The brave #SorryJohan-stories touch me deeply”, does the minister Thursday on Twitter. The minister of Education, Culture and Science within the cabinet responsible for the lhbti emancipation.

“Emancipation is never complete, and for equality we must continue to fight. That I will always continue to do!” responds Van Engelshoven at the hundreds of tweets under the heading of #SorryJohan, which is lgbt’ers with personal stories of their express displeasure over statements that Johan Derksen on gays did in the Veronica program Veronica Inside. #SorryJohan is this trending on Twitter.

In the tweets tell gays how difficult it is to get out of the closet, about bullying and homophobia on the streets and in their sports clubs. The Johan Blankenstein Foundation, which is hard for the acceptance of lesbian, gay and bisexual and transgender (lgbt) in the world of sports, will find that the action makes clear that the statements of Derksen in his tv program Veronica Inside go too far and gays hurt.

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’#SorryJohan that I was bullied and bespuugd because I’m gay’

The occasion for the creation of the successful hashtag, the statements of Johan Derksen in the voetbalprogramma Veronica Inside. “We have to stop pretending that it is so terribly difficult to come out of the closet. If you have a bit of character, you will be there just for,” said Derksen. That is the hashtag #SorryJohan in the life called.

Television station Veronica says in a press statement: “The gentlemen of Veronica Inside to sit at the table to give their opinion about football and other topics. This is their opinion and not always the opinion of the transmitter. Veronica finds tolerance for homosexuals in football, of course, very important.”

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