‘Current Stones tour may be the last’

“I just haven’t had time to properly think about it”, replies the 74-year-old rocker on the question of whether this is the farewell tour. “Maybe you know it also can never be sure. It would be the last, I don’t know.”

The decision to have this tour to do, came right after the previous tour in 2015. The decision-making process was simple, says Richards. “We said to each other: ‘let’s still do – where will we go?’ Sometimes it can be a decision as hapsnap be taken.”

Station wagon

Keith Richards was in 1962 one of the founders of the Rolling Stones. Since then, the band has become one of the largest and best-known bands in music history. Richards is except the guitarist, also a writer of several hits of the Stones.

The band made in 1964 for the first time, a tour through the USA. “The difference is that we drive around in a station wagon,” says Richards. “America was very different in the mid – ’60. To be honest I can’t believe that I so long to do. I have seen this country grow. Because I am older than most Americans, I know the land better than they are.”

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