Couple wins 20 million, but continues to live in the house of 2000 euro

WINTERBOURNE – Dennis and Shirley Banfield, both of them in the eighty years, in spite of a winning ticket of twenty million euros in their familiar house to live in.

The couple said little to have changed by the gain of eighteen million pounds.

The British won at the beginning of this year, the jackpot of the national lottery in England. She strokes translated more than twenty million euros. But to leave the house where they already have nearly sixty years of living, is not an option, reports The Mirror.

Even now, their home – that they ever, for two thousand pounds bought – grown, stay for two in a budget hotel in the area. Cost: 75 euros per night. The couple hopes for Christmas back in their familiar abode. “We know the environment, we are not at the house bored, it has a great big driveway,” explains Shirley.

A lot of money ended up with good goals. Also had their two daughters greatly benefit from the profit. “We have the ward for cancer patients, the children’s hospital and our community in Winterbourne can help,” says Shirley, who says, that the mountain of money her little has changed. “It has us to turn to other people better.”

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