Counsel Trump closes deal with investigator Mueller

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NEW YORK – A former close associate of Donald Trump, Michael Cohen, has concluded an agreement with special prosecutor Robert Mueller and known to have lied against the Congress.

Trumps lawyer and a ’pit bull’ Michael Cohen.

He has, at the time, testified against members of congress about contacts with Russians at Trumps presidential campaign in 2016. He distributed a written statement in which inaccuracies are about a real estate project in Moscow from the Trump Organization.

According to sources from ABC suggests Cohen, “his family and his country,” now on the first place. He is working with Mueller and has debt, known in the hope of a lighter punishment. He would, in this case, a total of seventy hours against Mueller testified.


Cohen is seen as one of the ijverigste employees and most capable lawyers of the zakenmagnaat and later president Trump. He worked from 2006 to 2018 for this employer and was the ’pitbull’ of Trump called. He worked in 2017 and 2018 also some time at the department of finance of the Republican Party.

Thursday had Cohen in this case to the courts in Manhattan appear. He has in August, in another case, already known to have tampered with the financing of the election campaign, taxes have evaded and other charges of having committed.

Mueller is leading the investigation since may of last year is focused on the possible involvement of persons or institutions in Russia with the American presidential election of 2016. Mueller looks at specifically whether there is in the circles of Trump men who together with Russians, the elections would have to affect. Trump sees this as a nothing-based ’witch hunt’.

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