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Coinbase-Pro lists Zcash (ZEC)


The well-known, user-friendly Fiat-crypto exchange provides now every week for headlines. Had currencies a few months ago, still a relatively small selection of Coins on offer, so it makes for a constantly growing range of new Crypto.

And as a Add on Coinbase power to acquire, purchase a crypto-currency for newbie’s and industrial investors easier and sell, this is a considerable advantage for a crypto-currency. Not for nothing, once Ripple with all his might tried to buy an addition to Coinbase.

No wonder, then, that the last of Coinbase, added to crypto-currencies immediately after the announcement of adding a Mini-to-have Bull-Run. So Basic Attention Token (BAT) recently increased +20% and 0X (ZRX) to +28%.

Zcash on Coinbase-Pro

Coinbase Pro has announced that it has added Zcash on the platform. 29. November 2018, the company announced that it will extend support for Zcash, a Privacy Coin is based on Zero-Knowledge Proof, CoinbasePro.


ZCash is the first Privacy-currency on Coinbase. Unlike Monero, whose security is based on Ring Signatures, use ZCash ZK-Snarks, which work on Zero-Knowledge Proof-based. So ZCash would be potentially “anonymous” as Monero. However it is clear ZCash different than Monero not only as a pure Privacy-currency, but provides the desired anonymity only on demand.

In the press release isthat the Exchange for at least 12 hours Deposits take before you trade opened. As soon as an adequate level of liquidity is reached, the trade with the ZEC/USDC-order pair. Customers can convert with one click on the Pro interface, your USD in USDC. The trade will be for users in most of the States available, but not for citizens of the state of New York.

Coinbase-Pro tweeted:


The Start will be in four phases. So not responding can be if the ZEC/USDC-order book at any time the requirements of the stock exchange for a normal and regular market.

Transfer-only: This is the first stage. In this Phase, the customer shall be entitled to send the ZEC to your Coinbase Pro account. Customers are not yet in a position to give orders, and no orders from the order books can run. The order books to be kept for a minimum of 12 hours in pure Transfer mode.

Post-only: In the second Phase, the users of limit orders, but there will be no designs or fulfilled progressions. The order books are kept for at least one Minute in the Post-only mode. This Exchange Position was reduced in order to improve the stability by the introduction.

Limit-only: In the third Phase, to start the Limit Orders with the pairing, but the customers are not entitled to stock exchange orders. The order books are kept for at least ten minutes in Limit mode.

Full trading: In the final phase to be complete trading services such as Limit, market and Stop Orders to be available.

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