‘Climate change biggest threat to health’

LONDON – Warmer and more extreme weather, linked to climate change is the greatest threat to the health on the earth in the 21st century. That, say doctors and researchers in a report published in the British medical journal The Lancet.

Researchers came to the conclusion that storms, floods, natural fires and the emissions of particulate matter directly and indirectly threaten the health of people, but also ensure that areas become uninhabitable, leading to major social problems can result.

The Lancet report, written by doctors, academics and beleidsdeskundigen of 27 organizations spread across the world, is calling for swift action to climate change, dams and the health sector to prepare for growing challenges.

,,Rapid climate change has serious consequences for every aspect of human life, which vulnerable populations are exposed to extreme weather conditions, infectious diseases and change in food security. The availability of safe drinking water and clean air would be in danger,” says the warning in the report.

Dutch scientists from the eight academic hospitals and the verpleegkundigenorganisatie V&VN have the report, that since 2015 will appear, translated to the Dutch situation. In our country every year more than 8000 deaths due to particulate matter, write the scientists.

The scientists propose that governments at all levels in all the major projects into account what the effects on the public health. ,,The whole report is also a great call to ourselves. We need to be much more durable to go to work and that is going to have a big impact,” said Peter Blankestijn, internist in the UNIVERSITY medical centre Utrecht, the netherlands and first author of the Dutch version of The Lancet Countdown 2018 at the Radio 1 News of the NOS.

According to the Dutch scientists should more be done to healthy sustainable forms of transport. Also, students must be sustainability as the box get, Blankestijn. Also recommend the scientists in urban areas more green space for recreation.

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