Chris Lomme put in the flowers on Canvas

Getting old is the only way to live long.” It’s a joke that Chris Lomme) would like, but they are also words where they live. On Wednesday, december 5, is the legendary Flemish actress 80.

As a result she together with the KVS-director Michael De Cock the theater Respect. Lisbeth Gruwez is responsible for the choreography. The performance comes in February 2019 in the halls. .

Between the rehearsals by the film’s Canvas is a honest and intimate portrait of the actress. Because ageing also has raw edges. Discussions about loneliness, sorrow and decay are intertwined with memories of happy moments, her persistent stubbornness to continue and her love for the play. Never before has Chris Lomme such a deep insight into her life and way of thinking. She speaks openly about the first period after the death of her husband, Nand Buyl, thinking about the lack of children and fights against the thought that they have less time for themselves than behind her.

The documentary, Chris Lomme, a reverence is a premiere shown in the KVS on Tuesday 4 december, one day before her birthday. Canvas will send the documentary out on Thursday 6 december at 21.20 hours.

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