Cardi B Jameela: “There are public toilets and bushes to shit”

52269de4966424a0f438ebabddd6a05a - Cardi B Jameela: "There are public toilets and bushes to shit"

Jameela Jamil may not be on her mouth, Cardi B is not. The Us rapper served Jameela’s tweet but what like to answer, and makes a very striking statement.

The British actress Jameela Jamil on Twitter created a buzz of attention with her statement about slimming tea. A screenshot of Kardi B was accompanied with the text: “They have Cardi B on the laxative, baloney slimming tea. God I hope all of those celebrities in public with their pants full of shit, as the poor women who have this nonsense on their recommend buying. Not that they are that rubbish really. They make just advertising for them because they need more money.”

That of course needed a response from Cardi B. As expected, said the American rapper, and not much later with a very striking statement. “I will never be in my pants shit because everywhere there are public toilets¿ oh and bushes!”

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