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Brussels rapper answers with a violent stepfather

A man, circling like a boxer around a defenseless woman and begins mercilessly on her in store. The video clip of the Brussels rapper Pregnant Guy, in which he gets even with his violent stepfather, is killing.

With a caustic account of his youth, charge the rapper with his past, his mother and especially with his stepfather. “It was time for the bubble to puncture of the funny Guy who always has himself a bad time’, he said in an interview with our newspaper.

In the video for the song shares a man punch after punch to his wife, who eventually severe bleeding drop. Pregnant Guy, real name Gorik van Oudheusden, is forced to watch. Meanwhile, raps: “My mother was beaten by a dirty dog, raped, abused, where my little sister assisted.’

The text cuts deep. When he was nine, divorced his parents. His mother fell then on a wrong guy, that her many years of hit and abused. At the age of fourteen Van Oudheusden run away from home. His sister remained behind. Gorik is thirty in the meantime, but the wounds are not healed.

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