Benny Neyman made for Herberts favorite song on the album

Two weeks ago, Herbert Verhaeghe the album ‘Amazed’. The reactions have been wildly positive, and the sales are surprisingly good. On the CD there are 12 gems, the most beautiful time of the year musical colouring. Now the festive season is truly on the doorstep, it is time to the single ‘Christmas Of When to let go; a number, in which Herbert with a whole lot of sense looking back on the christmas of his childhood.
‘Christmas Of Then’ packed in a single number all the nostalgic where the christmas season was or is. The decorating of the tree, the parcels, the middernachtmis, snowy winter landscapes, where a horse-drawn sleigh to a soft track, we…
Also, Herbert has beautiful memories of the christmas that as a child he experienced. “I come from a warm nest, where the christmas season is celebrated with the family. Until today, that period of the year is still something magical,” says Herbert with sparkling eyes. “Although I can still enjoy all the beauty that the christmas season has to offer, I also homesick for the nostalgic christmas from my childhood.”
In the quest for numbers for ‘Surprised’, was Herbert looking for a song that all of that magic, that sense of nostalgia in three minutes wrapped. ‘Christmas Of Then’ is a relatively unknown song of the late Benny Neyman. He brought it in 1987 and appeared on a handful of kerstcompilaties. “I knew the number and discovered it by chance on YouTube,” says Herbert. “When I called the number, listened, I was touched in the deepest of my. The nostalgia that it brings is unique. “As a child I thought that christmas tree is already the best thing there was, but that I understood only later’ sums up the whole song together. To the song even more ‘Herbert’, rewrote I got to the second stanza. ‘Christmas Of Time ” is my favorite song on the record!”

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