Bayer was forced to lay off 12,000 jobs, unclear whether also in Belgium jobs dying

The German chemical giant Bayer will be 12,000 of the 118.200 jobs globally delete by the end of 2021, in the context of efficiency measures after the takeover of the American Monsanto. It is not yet clear whether in Belgium jobs will disappear.

The German chemiereus from Leverkusen announced the news Thursday. In Belgium the chemiereus about a thousand people to work. Although it is still too early to to have an overview on possible job losses in Belgium. ‘In the coming months that will be elaborated and submitted to the social partners’, says spokesman George Poppe of Bayer in Belgium.

Bayer has four sites in Belgium: the headquarters in Diegem with about 360 employees, a production site in the Antwerp port, with more than 700 employees and two offices in Brussels for relations with the European regulatory authorities.

A large proportion of the jobs will disappear in Germany. Details are according to the company the next few months worked out.


Bayer paid 63 billion dollars (54 billion euros) for the acquisition of Monsanto in June. At the same time, the company had 7.6 billion euros of assets, disposing of compatriot BASF. The chemiereus struggling with a lot of legal complaints in the US around glyphosate. The product is in the weed killer RoundUp by Monsanto, was developed and would cause cancer.

As part of a besparingsslag wants, the group may also from the treatments steps. Also see Bayer the strategic options for voetverzorgingsmiddelen of Dr. Scholl and sunscreen products from Coppertone. The chemiereus is also in conversation to his interest of 60 percent in industrial service provider Currenta of the hand to do.

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