Bart Peeters celebrates 60th anniversary in Lotto Arena

Friday 29 and Saturday 30 november 2019 comes Bart Peeters with a very own “Best of”program to the Lotto Arena. And late that Saturday, also the day on which he 60 is. His theatre tours, take the time to time for audiences, as gastvedette he was very often on the stage in the big arenas, but never before brought Bart Peeters his own full-length arenashow. There is next year to change that.

Bart chose the Lotto Arena because they are big enough for real ambience and cosy enough for real intimacy. 2019 will from now on continue as the year in which Bart Peeters for the first time a full-length show on arenaschaal will bring.

The double “Deluxe”show in the Lotto Arena is a where Bart are big successes will bring. In contrast to the “Bread For Tomorrow”concerts, the show at Lotto Arena, a “greatest hits”-character.

“From his extensive repertoire, a full evening program is a luxury. But we can Bart not, of course, to the early morning to allow them to continue. Therefore, it is still a difficult choice of which songs or not to bid will come in this look back at his extensive singing career.” sounds at the organization.

Bart brings to a good habit his group “The ideal men”, stunning muziekvirtuozen that all genres and instruments to handle.

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