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Austrian companies are planning to Token use for the donation system – Coin Hero

Companies plan to Token use for the donation system

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Matthias Nemack –

Several companies from Austria would now like to ride in partnership with a new System based on the Blockchain a new path – the tokens 4 Hope to bring to the Wiener Hilfswerk in the near future, fresh donations.

The Token is guaranteed to donors, optimal transparency

Most of the tokens known to be issued, in order for companies to collect money from investors. Investors hope that, in turn, often is the big money from the entry in a crypto-currency such as Bitcoin or Coins such as Ripple, which was last asked for more. The new Format called 4 Hope has now been introduced to brand-new. Responsible for drawing in this example, with the exemplary role of several partners.

Safer and faster transfer of Donations, thanks to Blockchain technology

In addition to the provider Decent Blockchain Austria and Collective Energy belonging to the network. At the end of the joint development work of the said Blockchain Token 4 Hope. The objective is the creation of an equally secure as transparent donation system. Donors should, to the extent the benefit is that you know exactly that your funds arrive at the desired addressee. And the Blockchain scores in this context, not least due to the fake safety on the one hand, and the comparatively lower transaction fees, on the other hand, at least in comparison to many previously used systems in conjunction with traditional banking networks. The presentation has taken over, the service provider BearingPoint. The project “Token 4 Hope” was brought to partners and potential donors during an event for the upcoming Christmas season, with all the details closer. The use of the Blockchain lies in the Charity sector is quite obvious, because not always it is the trust of potential donors at fundraising events. Decent should now allow the Trading with the Token.

Paper Wallets are in use at the time of distribution of the money

For the distribution of the donations, in turn, Paper Wallets are to be used. The recipient should, in turn, can use the received Token to the end of purchases in two plant-social markets and a second-hand shop in Vienna. In the first step, it is the Wiener Hilfswerk, the to be distributed the donations from the System of the Token 4 Hope first of all, in 55 households. The work praises for its part, the exemplary transparency, which make the allocation of funds for donors is very understandable. Who knows, maybe other crypto-draw-a company not try soon with comparable pilot the same, so this will be a transparent system of donations in the Alpine Republic and other countries.

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