American confesses suddenly 90 murders, the FBI may already have 34 confirm

The FBI is plenty of the statements made to the investigation of an American prisoner suddenly claimed to be ninety murders to have been committed. The intelligence service could in the meantime, all of the involvement of Samuel Little (78) at 34 murders confirm.

Little is already a few years in prison for three murders, but says there are ninety to have committed. Because his victims, often in the marginality lived, went to most of those murders go unnoticed. This is particularly important for african-American or latinovrouwen who lived in the outskirts of the society, as a prostitute or drug addict. The killings took place between 1970 and 2005 in fifteen states in the US.

Samuel Little is a ex-boxer and killed his victims with punches or strangled them. He dumped the corpses at the edge of the road or in a deserted spot in the nature. Because no weapons were used, were the murders not linked to each other. The officers went in many of the cases of overdose or an accident, confirms the FBI in a press release.

Screamed first innocence from

The serial killer was several times arrested for theft or violence, but only in two cases, he was suspected of involvement in murder. Dating back to the eighties, when two young women disappeared, one in Mississippi and one in Florida. The man was eventually released for lack of evidence.

Only in 2012 could people him up for murder. When he was questioned was in the context of a drugszaak, could his DNA be linked to the murder of three women in Los Angeles, between 1987 and 1989.

But at his trial shouted Samuel Little, still his innocence. Nevertheless, he was, in 2014 sentenced to life in prison.

One of the deadliest serial killers

After four years of imprisonment is the man now, however, prepared to cooperate with the detectives. The FBI already had a number of old files had been reopened that similarities showed with the murders in LA. Little is since this spring, questioned, and because he likes to another prison would be transferred – he has severe diabetes and moves with a wheelchair – he recently suddenly confessions. The man would, according to the FBI about a good memory, and so many details can provide.

As Samuel Little, indeed, ninety murders has been committed, that there are as many as the number of victims that Gary Ridgway would have made, that now the sinister title of biggest serial killer in the US carries.

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