Also Tatum and Najib roasten Johnny de Mol

“This is the ultimate revenge if ex,” says Tatum. “Do you know that we exes are? Well I do!” Also Najib Amhali may Johnny hands. “First, I no say, but for money I’ll do anything,” says the comedian. “I’m coming to kill you with love!”

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’High time that these so-called good man finally burned to the ground”

The Roast of Johnny de Mol is on Tuesday 18 december, 20.30 hrs, to seeing on Comedy Central. The Mol is even more ’frenemies’. Who they are, makes Comedy Central later known.

Johnny is the third well-known Dutchman who is ’geroast’. In 2016, it was Gordon the first, last year had to Giel Beelen sacrified. The Roast, Or… is get blow over from the United States, there were previously, Donald Trump, Justin Bieber, and Pamela Anderson confronted with embarrassing moments and outstanding features.

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