AEK Athens wants to rellende fans to tackle

The Greek police had to intervene due to the misbehaviour of the fans of AEK Athens -Ajax.

The Amsterdam fans in the box were shot with fireworks, and there was even a molotov cocktail thrown. ,,We strongly condemn the violent crimes in the Olympic Stadium. Not only because this happened during a match in the Champions League, but also because they are an insult of our long history”, on the site of the Greek champion.

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The European bond UEFA has opened an investigation into the riots. A considerable penalty threatens for AEK and perhaps also for Ajax, because the fans fireworks teruggooiden in the direction of the Greek rioters.

We do not run away for our responsibility”, says the clubleiding of AEK. ,,We want to be the blame, not pass the buck, and will also be no cheap excuses or alibis come up with. We condemn what Tuesday has happened and will take all possible actions to take to prevent this in the future happens again. We have already proven that we know how our mistakes to recover from.”

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