3,4 promille in your blood but not convicted for drunkenness

Alke – A motorist who was caught by 3.4 parts per thousand alcohol in his blood, is by the judge is not convicted of drunkenness.

Belgian is caught with twenty beer in his collar but is acquitted of the charge of drunkenness.

This is a remarkable ruling, the magistrate in the Belgian city of Bruges. According to the court, showed the 29-year-old man from Alke no signs of intoxication at the time of arrests in Knokke.

The car driver was caught when he with high speed through a red light reed. The agents put him on the side but could find no ’outward signs of intoxication’, writes het Nieuwsblad.

He could still normally a straight line, stepped effortlessly out of his car and spoke another intelligible. The man from Alken managed with those tests and the police report was drunkenness, so not checked.

A blood test revealed, however, that he is 3.4 per cent, and that is equal to at least twenty beers. The first instance court in Bruges imposed him a sentence of 75 days and ban on driving and 4.200 euro fine. But on colonel is only sentenced for intoxication and not for drunkenness.

Heavy geïntoxiceerd

According to professor of toxicology Jan Tytgat is the phenomenon of ” heavy geïntoxiceerd but not drunk’. “That occurs in one percent of the people. It is not a genetic advantage. It is almost always a sign of alcohol addiction.”

“Who a long time and a lot of drinks, builds on the duration of a resistance to drunkenness. You can hear and see nothing to such a person. That people can be very long as the appearances that they are not drunk while they are indeed heavy geïntoxiceerd. That drunkenness-resistententie comes in both men and women,” he says in the newspaper.

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Magistrate Johan Van Laethem explains in The Newspaper what penalties the difference is between single geïntoxiceerd are and drunk on top of it. “In drunkenness, we are required to have a driving ban to impose, at least eight days. When only intoxication, and no drunkenness – but we should not be – a driving ban imposed. But if I have someone for me, which is 3.4 in the blood and still not drunk, I put him a driving ban.”


According to the newspaper, the fact that the man has not been convicted for drunkenness, that the insurance should just pay it out.

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“When you’re not drunk was the insurance of course, nothing reclaim, even if you had more than 0.5 in the blood”, says he added Robyns of the verzekeringskoepel Assuralia.

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