’Yellow vests’ save invitation premier off

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PARIS – The leaders of the ’yellow shirts’, the name of the spontaneous French protest movement against the cost of diesel and petrol, have Wednesday night said that the organization is not in the short term are going to talk with Édouard Philippe. The prime minister had a representative delegation of the ’gilet jaunes invited for an interview before the protesters on Saturday again in the street.

Co-founder Éric Drouet, a 33-year-old truck driver, considers that is not appropriate given the time and the absence of companions from the various regions. He confirmed against Franceinfo that the event on 1 december will continue as usual on the Champs-Elysées, where the last weekend gets out of hand ran. Also on Wednesday it was there scattered in the country demonstrated against the French policy on energy.

Drouet was a day earlier in the company of Priscillia Ludosky received at the department of the Environment, by minister François de Rugy, who, according to him, the dialogue immediately wanted to open. “We have issued a statement and our demands, as a little placed on the table. The work let us now proceed to the government. We may not immediately come to visit.”

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