Viewers Boxing Stars angry: Carlos should have won

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Juvat Westendorp to Boxing Stars

He would be much more punches have been distributed than dancer and actor Juvat Westendorp and the three rounds dominated, as everyone seems to agree on. The commentators ’seemed ” that Carlos Platier Luna after the third round arms, in a overwinningsgebaar up threw. “Carlos, something more powerful, something more aggressive and not really in danger at all”, was their comment.

The jury was not unanimous in its decision. However, they called for Juvat to the winner. In the program called it a loud boo on the comments of the referee, it could not resolve and that has continued on Twitter. Viewers call Juvat than a ’false win’, the program is a ’nepzooi’ and think that the results ’rigged’. For them, the winner of Expedition Robinson 2017 also in this boxing match, the winner should be.

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