Video: Fellaini ’steals’ mascot of team-mate

cf6eaad87529e94844101e341c0b8dd5 - Video: Fellaini ’steals’ mascot of team-mate

It is still an uncommon sight: Fellaini without his long curls. It was perhaps no wonder what was happening in the tunnel of Old Trafford.

Each basisspeler get in the increase of the field, always a mascot, boys or girls, who are as proud as a peacock at the hand of a soccer star. But when the players on to the field went to lope, it was the Red Devil suddenly his mascot, lost. To the disbelief of Fellaini himself, who surprised in the around started to look.

Team mate Jesse Lingard was so nice to have a mascot to stand on Fellaini, whose mascot is simply of team had made a mistake and so to the players of Young Boys stood.

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