Van Bommel: “We need to take the risk’

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Mark van Bommel

Barcelona lost two weeks ago with 4-3 Real Betis. “I have the footage of that match”, said Van Bommel at Veronica. “Betis did really well. They convert high pressure and took a lot of risk. That risk you should take. As high pressure can convert, we’ll do that, but the container full press forward, there is no guarantee on the profit. They have players who are quick to find a solution.”

“If there’s something I should mention, I would say that the rearguard is their weakest point is”, continued Van Bommel. “They often defend one-on-one. With fast focus, they have trouble.”

Van Bommel believes that the Champions League-duels of PSV is often determined by external factors. “A free kick that Barcelona is undeserved, shoot Messi tightly. In addition, had the keeper of Tottenham a red card. That goes outside of you, that things you have not in the hand.”

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