Van Bommel: ’For politics in The Hague’

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Mark van Bommel

Got the coach of PSV in september at Camp Nou, especially questions about the 2010 world cup and Andres Iniesta, in Eindhoven, said Van Bommel, this time short and sweet on the question of what he of the revelations of Football Leaks about Spanish football and Real Madrid defender Sergio Ramos. “I think we are playing tomorrow (today, red.) a contest”, says Van Bommel. “If you with us about politics want to talk, you need to be in The Hague.”

Although FC Barcelona, among others, Luis Suarez missing, it is Van Bommel is not rich. “The Spaniards are already placed, but you will want to win. Barcelona has so many good players. I think they still have a representative team on the field.”

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