Tyrese Gibson wins maintenance case of ex

0d165e3af17f18d361d8f88fbb16df1b - Tyrese Gibson wins maintenance case of ex

So, he according to TMZ the papers to the court, showing that ex Norma, sometimes a day-long care for their 11-year-old daughter hires, so that they themselves, “her life may lead,” or the household can be run.

In addition to the maintenance case run Tyrese and Norma already been a legal battle for the custody of their 11-year-old daughter. Norma has argued that she has some doubts about the mental state of the actor, who in the past year a number of times confused messages posted on social media. The mother of Shayla has Tyrese in the past also been accused of domestic violence, where they and their daughter, the victim would have been.

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