TO: young men gang-raped after GHB in drink

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AXES – The Public Prosecutor suspects, a 46-year-old man from Lelystad from the drugging and raping of two young men. That turned out to be during a non-substantive hearing at the court in Assen. The man was in August held. With him was also child pornography found.

GHB is fixed in a pure form.

According to the prosecutor, did the defendant on August 17, silently the dope GHB in the beer can of one of the victims, at a campsite in the vicinity of Meppel. Once intoxicated, he would the victim have then raped.

The second victim might be a few years ago been drugged and raped by the defendant, in Meppel, Lelystad, the netherlands. But, according to the lawyer of the respondent had his client in a relationship with the alleged victim and was of rape, no question. That should, according to him, the conversations prove that his request is still on the criminal record to be added.

The substantive handling of the case is on January 30.

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